Cross Country Bike In Morocco from Toubkal

Cross Country Bike In Morocco from Toubkal

Your Cross Country Bike in Morocco  start from Tizi n’tast continuing along the beautiful Tichka n-Oughbar mountains, and across the spectaculars Souse territory, you’ll take direction to the Atlantic coast (in that area it’s very rich with Argan tree’s, it’s first source for people make’s living, and also there a chance to discovering more deferent’s green valleys and traditional Berber villages, you‘ll sharing your culture with local people, and you’ll see how are they   make living,

Level: moderate/  grade 6/7

Period: May to October


The Regions

During your cross country bike journey, your program itinerary continuing through more beautiful places along the western part of the high ending at The Atlantic ocean your way along the atlas mountain across Tizi n’test the through souss plain pass through more wild places and more traditional Berber village such as:   Tigouga , madlaoua valley , aldmesirn valley , idaoutanan water full and paradise valley ending in Imsouane beach then to Essaouira …


Cross Country Bike In Morocco highlights

Your Mtb will begins from Tizi n’Teste across more  valleys of Argan trees , more traditional Berber villages , mountains , rivers , paradise valley , dams , waterfalls ,  Atlantic ocean , Essaouira monuments , Aran factory , goat climbing the argan trees and wild rout …etc


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    Cross Country Bike In Morocco from Toubkal