Day trip from Oukaimden to Kik Plateau

Day trip from Oukaimden to Kik Plateau

 Your Day trip from Oukaimden to Kik Plateau starts Beyond the Oukaimden Ski station, our mountain bikes for the descent to Asni and on to kik plateau. Starting at 2700m above sea level there’s plenty of downhill to come as we make our way along a rough jeep track that heads south out of Oukaimeden.

We have vehicle support for the ride, so we ride with just water and essentials in our day packs. The first 30km is largely downhill along a track that affords excellent views of the mountains of the Toubkal massif. Toubkal, at 4167m is the highest mountain in North Africa but there are 20 other peaks over 4000m in the region. 

At a suitable spot on the way down we stop for cooking lunch before arriving in Asni, where we start for 3 km climb onto the fabulous Kik Plateau, which, in spring time particularly, is one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. In March and April the plateau is a heavenly mix of ripening wheat, fields of poppies and simple stone villages set against a backdrop of the towering snow-capped peaks of the Toubkal massif.

The trails across the plateau don’t disappoint either – with some fast rolling routes before a superb descent down to the shores of the Lalla Takerkaust Lake, the source of most of Marrakech’s water, from where you’ll catch a welcome break in a short 1h,drive back to Marrakech.

Day trip from Oukaimden to Kik Plateau Grade :  moderate.

Distance: 53 km mountain bike / mixed off road single tracks / ascent 560m & descent 2100m

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    Day trip from Oukaimden to Kik Plateau